Show keys you typed on screen.


Show keys you typed on screen, so your audiences can see what you do clearly while you are streaming or recording.

This is a screenkey alternative, and works not only on X11 but also Wayland.

Your desktop must support composition and you may need to set "always on top" and "show on all workspaces" manually so be sure your desktop supports them.



Please go to GitHub Release Page.


Distribution Package (Recommended)

Arch Linux

Install From AUR

            $ yay showmethekey

Or use other AUR helpers.

Install From archlinuxcn

First add archlinuxcn repo to your system.

            # pacman -S showmethekey


Install from OBS

Packages can be found in my OBS project.

            # zypper ar
            # zypper in showmethekey showmethekey-lang

Leap users please replace URL for Tumbleweed with URL for your Leap version.

Other Distributions

Please help package showmethekey to your distribution!

Build From Source


  • libevdev
  • udev (or systemd)
  • libinput
  • glib2
  • gtk3
  • json-glib
  • cairo
  • pango
  • libxkbcommon
  • meson
  • ninja
  • gcc


            $ git clone
            $ cd showmethekey
            $ mkdir build && cd build && meson setup --prefix=/usr . .. && meson compile && meson install
            $ showmethekey-gtk


For detailed usage please run usage dialog from app menu!

You need to toggle the switch to start it manually and need to input your password to pkexec's dialog, because we need superuser permission to read keyboard events (this program does not handle your password so it is safe). Wayland does not allow a client to set its position, so this program does not set its position in preference, and you can click the "Clickable Area" in titlebar and drag the floating window to anywhere you want.


screenshot.gif screenshot.png